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Fakepixels is a space for courageous thoughts.

We respect ideas, even dangerous ones. We believe in the power of deep thinking, nuanced dialogue, and creative courage.

We ask big questions and aim to find answers by bringing together the most brilliant and eclectic minds from all lanes of life.

We’re a group of thinkers, builders, and tinkerers — driven by curiosity and a sense of purpose — who want to uncover the forces that shape the fast-changing world and use this understanding to promote hope, creativity, and a more delightful future.


love > fear
nuance > polarity
emergence > authority
systems > objects
disobedience > compliance
resilience > power
practice > rhetorics


Topics of explorations
INFINITE GAMES // The New Games We Play & The Illusions of Free-to-Play

EMBEDDED EDUCATION // Distributing Opportunites to Learn across Platforms 

GLOBAL-FIRST MOBILIZATION// The Movement of Rebels,Artists, and OSS Developers

SILOES & PIPES // Building the Connective Tissues of Digital Infrastructure

NARRATIVE MARKET // The Exchange of Fantasies and Self-Actualizing Dreams 

THE ROMANCE OF MACHINE LANGUAGE // How Machine Language Communicates and Misunderstands Humans & One Another 


Tina is a designer, writer, and investor who’s online 24/7 hunting for ideas and ventures built with grit and purpose.

Born in Guangzhou, China. Based in NYC.

You can find her elsewhere on Twitter, Instagram, or a corner café.